Tunji Labode & Co.
Certified National Accountants

General Information


A reasonable guess/appraisal of the completion period can only be made after full discussions and interviews with the management and key personnel. However, provided we receive full cooperation from the client, no target or completion date is regarded as unattainable by us


We have in place Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy Cover as safety valve or guarantee for our world-class quality professional services.



The fees for any assignment is based on the actual time spent, the degree of complexity of the assignment, the professional qualification, skills and experience of categories of staff deployed on the assignment and the scale of rates recommended by the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria The actual amount billed for an audit will be obviously influenced by the quality of books and records of account, the adequacy of the system of internal control, the efficiency with which client staff attend to any queries raised by audit staff and the rate at which information and documents are produced


Fees for consultancy jobs are usually negotiated and agreed with the client at time of appointment. Fees for staff Training/Development Programmes are stated or agreed before the commencement of each programme.


Disbursements in respect of expenses directly related to an assignment are expected to be borne by the client even if we have to make the initial payments. Terms and conditions of payments are usually settled before the commencement of the assignment or programme.


Nominations are usually invited for staff development/training course of the firm from existing clients and the general public for participation of their personnel in the particular course few weeks before the date of commencement.

However, specially packaged programmes are executed at the request of any client or group of clients. Applicable fees, dates and venue are part of the items to be stated or agreed on or before commencement.


We would like to assure you of prompt and positive response to your enquires. All assignments jobs are given due attention by our team of experienced professionals, irrespective of whether the job is big, medium or small.