Tunji Labode & Co.
Certified National Accountants


As our consultancy unit, Estee Macbod Consultants offer the following services. SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS: We also carry out special assignments for and on behalf of our clients such as:

  • Special investigations
  • Management audit
  • Value for money or Efficiency audit
  • Changing over form private limited liabilities company to quoted public liited company
  • Cash flow projections
  • Pre-investment and investment appraisal
  • Re-organisation
  • Accounting system design, review redesign and update
  • Management Information System
  • Cost Control System
  • Feasibility studies
  • Date Processing including:
    Equipments selection, Application, design and installation
  • Receivership, liquidation and bankruptcy services
  • Executorships trusteeship services
  • Revenue generation advisory services etc


In designing our programme for Staff development and training, we have taken into consideration, the needs of our different clients based on the on-going economics trend and their effects. Indeed to meet our overall objective of improving the performance or economic contributions of individuals or groups whose service are engage by our clients for the purpose of achieving the corporate goals or targets now and in the future without jettisoning the job satisfaction of the employees. Our organisations had taken the pragmatic steps to ensure that training offered is appropriate and meets their identified immediate and long term corporate requirements.

The resultant ever changing market dictates the need for radical review of training efforts to face and overcome the challenges of the twenty-first century when the focus shall be on achieving better result from virtually the same or lesser work force through relevant, specific and adequate training programmes.

As a result of the limited resources available to organisation, most of the development and training programmes have been rearranged to make them more comprehensive in nature thereby reducing the frequency. Review of our programme are carried out at regular intervals, in order to make them update and relevant.